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NLP Embedded Commands…Inspiration or Intimidation

Many real estate salespeople have been exposed to the NLP technique of using embedded commands.  Yet many agents use embedded commands more like a bullwhip, than an invitation.   In this video you will learn a different approach to using embedded commands…which is using a suggestive, inviting tonality, rather than a forceful, threatening tone.  One intimidates. One inspires.  Watch the video, and you’ll see what I mean.


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Overcoming Objections: “I have to check with my spouse.”

Has this one every stumped you?  “I don’t want to set an appointment till I talk to my husband/wife.”  This is one of the slickest (and most common) put-offs you get when trying to set an appointment with a lead.   Help has arrived!  Watch this objection-handling video for a sure-fire way to get more listing appointments on the first call…(…and of course they need to check with their spouse!).  >>

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How to Record an Effective Phone Greeting

First impressions are everything!  How often is a first impression made by listening to someone’s greeting on their voice mail?  Have you ever listened to your cell phone greeting and asked yourself how others hear what you say?  How do you come across?  Does it sound like your interested in them?  Too important or too busy for them?  Full of energy and enthusiasm or barely alive?  You can gain credibility with clients and prospects, or damage it…depending on how you sound.

Here are a few expert tips for real estate agents who want know how to gain confidence and credibility with your clients that can make a huge difference in the impression people get about you when the call you and get your voice mail instead.

Three Tips for an Effective Phone Greeting:

1. Make them feel like you are looking forward to talking to them (even if you’re not…because you never know….).

2. Never apologize for missing a call.  It’s OK that you don’t answer the phone every time.  You have a life.  You actually have other people you talk to.  And…that’s why you have voice mail!

3. Don’t lie about what you’re doing instead of answering the phone.  This one makes me CRAZY!  What are you thinking?  You think they actually believe you when they call you at 8:30 PM on Friday night and you tell them you’re on the other line or out with clients?  Hello-o-o-o-o!

Got it?  Good.  Now…go change your phone greeting…QUICK!  And once you’ve done it, please comment and share your opinion about phone greetings…>>


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